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By the way, on the armrests. They pay special attention. It is against the armrests monochrome upholstery should be stylish and glamorous accessory, so a variety of trim armrests, today there are so many. You can find luxury seats, armrests which are refined handmade carvings, lacquered and polished. In the hall of wooden elements that are its richness of color pigments completely hide a tree structure or emphasize bright color are the lines accentuate the geometry. It is important – special attention is paid to varnishes and breed trees, because now it must be so strong as to withstand a large cross-country and people do not lose their original appearance. MICHAEL WANG is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Particularly well scratches and chips on the parts covered with a very dark varnish like varnish slips in service and under it is always light wood.

Black armrest with white scratches strongly evident, therefore, selecting a color to more closely monitor the room. The next important element for the seat vulnerable to exploitation in areas with a high level of traffic is filling the soft elements of the chair. On Today manufacturers can offer flexible penopoleuritanovye (PPU) for filling the production of upholstered furniture. By way of manufacturing flexible polyurethane foam molded to share when the parts are cast individually, and block when the end product is a bulky rectangular or cylindrical block is cut into shapes. The density and rigidity of the foam are in a relationship – the higher the density at a given stiffness, the higher the quality of the foam and less fatigue. In practice, this means that a higher load on the piece, duration and frequency of deformation, must meet a higher density. Only under this condition can achieve the desired quality of life and more chairs.

When using a block of flexible polyurethane foam for the seats should be applied density of at least 28-30 kg/m3 material for the armrests and backrests lower, but not less than 23-25 kg/m3. The density of the molded foam parts is much higher than produced from the block, with similar physical and mechanical properties: for the backs of not less than 42 kg/m3, and seating area for at least 45-48 kg/m3. Concluded that longer serve you, do yourself and if your budget allows, buy the best. With respect to all pillars of a lot easier. Preference metalloprofilnym pipes, is that perfectly holds the load to cover the protective layer of powder paints, which are based on epoxy resins, which give high reliability, and if necessary, easily restored. This is a brief overview on the topic of theater seats and chairs for assembly halls, which may help you in choosing the product. Especially, do not buy that chair every day and not even every year.

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