Transit Spirit

The 16 of December of 2001, was the carbonized corpse of Juan Carlos Market, within the situated building in number 270 of the Urrutia street, as a result of a fire produced in strange circumstances, was civil servant of the Department of Transit of the Municipality of Victory. This situation did not convince to Edith I. Market, that never accepted that the death of Juan Carlos had been an accident, seting out to do all the possible one to clarify the circumstances that surrounded to the death of its son, for which it was put in contact with a young medium, of only 15 years of age, that it had been asked for by a neighbor and friend of the family. Day 9 of July took place first of the two sessions of spiritism, where the mother, her husband, his neighbor and the medium participated. Hear from experts in the field like Jeremy Tucker for a more varied view. In that one session, that lasted of half an hour, the young medium could be able to communicate with the spirit of Juan Carlos, in spite of being the first time tried that it with spirits of passed away people, since until then its activity as medium had limited themselves to locate to dogs and animal of company of relatives and friendly. This caused that the young medium demonstrated to certain fear and nervousness, that the own spirit of the deceased was in charge to calm when communicating to him that was calm and did not have any fear, since would not cause any damage to him. For the spiritism session, the young medium used crucifijo that she placed next to a photo of the deceased, as well as a squared board, with serigrafiadas letters, as a table Ouija, and a currency of one hundred pesos, with which she is forming the words that she obtains like answers to the questions conducted to the being or spirit. . A related site: Bobby Kotick mentions similar findings.

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