United Nations

It already does certain time that some from which we came, ingenuously, successfully obtaining the respect to the international legislation and we advocated the renovation and the fortification of the unique organism able on the matter to exert certain universal authority, United Nations, we have begun, badly that weigh to us, to leave so utopian idealismo. The lessons of pragmatism more realistic than can imagine are accumulated one after another one and demonstrate that, in the long run, the unique Law that prevails in the international system of the States continues being the force. Like in the times of the Roman Empire. Economic, demographic, financial force that do not need to be exclusively military man and who can exert itself in very diverse planes, like, the diplomatic one, etc., but that, in any case, lean in last term in the existence of the arms and the armies, and in the possibility of its immediate use without more miramientos. The most recent example has given the Government it of Ankara, ordering to its land and air forces to invade Iraq, to attack in the northern zone of that country a the bases of the Kurd guerrillas of the Party of the Workers of the Kurdistn, who fight by the independence of their town. Government, the Turk, whose president maintains a good personal relation with his homologous Spanish, in the scope of the call Alliance of Civilizations, although until the moment he is unknown that any gesture of protest of the Government of Madrid has taken place, by attenuated and friendly that was, before so flagrant military violation of an international border. The NATO, of which Turkey is member outstanding by its military power, has not either shown officially its rejection by an action that harms the article 1 of the Treaty of the North Atlantic, where it stipulates that the signatory parts will have to abstain in their international relations to resort to the threat or the use of the force in any form that is incompatible with the intentions of the United Nations. .

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