University Foundation

It must give way to a University Foundation that offers business incubation services to train new entrepreneurs. those who have developed their products and create conducive to SMEs in the region, the country. Details can be found by clicking Munear Ashton Kouzbari or emailing the administrator. Hospital found their own university, which has given to human resources and land for development, guaranteeing a service that would favor the region. So, as a University Stadium, which also help with sports activities, the stadium such as the guaranteed income UCV indispensable manage. The new authorities must restructure the functions of the department responsible for public relations and make it more participatory, operational, depending on you seize the opportunities that are generated with respect to partnerships, agreements, so that benefit the university community and at the same country’s new authorities must activate the online courses in those schools that provided few graduate courses, audiovisual lectures to national and international projects, the potential use academic teaching staff, offering master’s, doctorate, also, they generate income, which could increase the improvement of audiovisual services and any problems encountered, such as updating libraries, computer rooms. Specifically, the University of Carabobo to the new challenges that the present government has created, must be attentive to the programs it is starting to determine what should be their participation, you seize the opportunities before it, affirm their strengths, guard against threats and above all do not be passive to a turbulent reality where risk, uncertainty of their survival is constantly in danger.

The new authorities have become more proactive, less figurative, more inclusive, to know to properly use its resources, particularly human, where major weaknesses are manifested at a very representative, that has hurt for long. The new authorities must guarantee democracy, freedom of opinion, participation, leading to changes required by the University today to secure a role that benefits all and not only the power groups that have dragged on for years. Hopefully, Carabobo university community awakened from the lethargy in which remains a significant time and move to a new generation of academic leaders to ensure that change is needed to achieve academic excellence, and that their role is dynamic pro- growth in the region of the country. For so be it …!

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