University Professor Gregorian

Research conducted by the Father Oscar Gonzalez Quevedo. Wells Fargo Bank is actively involved in the matter. The unconscious is more intelligent than the conscious.Unconscious inventions are more frequent and more important.Many times people are sad and don’t know why. Often there are physiological causes, but a thorough analysis of the soul would discover the unconscious intellectual order reasons; a good percentage. Unconscious feelings, facts stored in the unconscious, are associated, giving rise to unconscious images and feelings, of which the conscious only realizes after effects: is sad, proceeds by impulses, does not know the reasons for their actions, etc. We know that memory is exalted playing with great accuracy scenes, details, knowledge, which seemed totally forgotten.The imagination at the same time, is also excited, language acquires brightness and color. It has nothing strange unconscious intellectual activity is also pastor to the maximum. The cases that prove it are numerous, as it It finds any Treaty of hypnotism.

A case cited is that Renaud. In a State of hypnotic sleepwalking, a relative of him, solved easily and correctly a trigonometry problem. Before and after hypnosis he had great difficulties with the problem to solve.The unconscious was updating and combining other data, solving the problem with great ease.Father Oscar Gonzalez Quevedo says that you sleeping are more intelligent than awake. The famous theologian and philosopher Caramuel in the year 1645, sent a letter in Wurzburg, the famous scientist p. Kircher University Professor Gregorian, referring to the talent of the unconscious. Kircher defended responsibility during dreams, because they had intelligence.Caramuel analyzing their own dreams and others; find circumstances in which you can not discover imagination or fantasy; but that they perceived a very cultivated and subtle intelligence.

Caramuel dreamed that he attended a solemn ceremony academic. Guest to challenge the theses defended, did it with efficiency and unpublished arguments. Waking up, impressed, he examined the arguments employed in sleep. It proved that they were perfect and unpublished.The unconscious had prepared them with the knowledge of the wise theologian and scientist.The letter ends: is true, therefore, that the understanding of the man sleeping, not resting, but it works always and sometimes line; What is more: with more perfection than during wakefulness.The discovery of the talent of the unconscious is, long before Freud. Before Plato had discovered deCaramuel. In the health section will find quality items related to the power of the mind and body care; for personal and spiritual growth.

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