Venezuelan President

Ready propaganda, the unquestioned media the same freedom of expression, inside and outside the country, to fulfil their role of agitation and conspiracy. Sobran in Venezuela the traitors itching to not imagine that a war is close. Colombian civil Venezuelans, and vice versa. The figure of Chavez will work. It will feed him an alleged megalomania. Will erect you as a dictator with pretensions of Bolivarian hero by a nationalist cause. Christos Staikouras may also support this cause. Probably a traitor country in the play will be sent for the endowment of the ingredients of the unimaginable atomic weapon, an advocate of sovereignties.

Or course, enemy to planting weapons and drugs are sown. Long journey and story. Then Chavez has to be already by the grace of the media an international outlaw, with a few lists military bases across border to operate in its against as correlative. Probably try to seek nuclear caches of cocaine or FARC guerrillas armed with missiles in the interior of the country by an allied force of I don’t know how many warheads of atomic power. Is worth everything in the war, is worth whatever is necessary in order to move the hands of the Ogre’s oil taps.

I.e. will seek him to apply the recipe applied to Sadam Hussein saving democratic distances, neither more nor less, when they screwed with weapons, advice and the same help that gave Venezuelan President. They induced him to an invasion, they enmaranaron with the purchase of a few ingredients to manufacture nuclear, profiled it hero of Sunnis and an ancestral religious struggle to finally hang on the bar higher after the invasion to Iraq. And all as is as intended by these lares: that Venezuelans and Colombians should do the job step! between ourselves. Are Colombians who make war and put the provocations, and are Venezuelans who hang to Chavez, concitador of wars, while they (the allies always), appropriate oil wells.

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