Viral Internet Marketing

You know the word "hello"? and in the formulation of "hello bear"? Perhaps the most vivid and accessible example of a viral effect, which affected virtually the entire Russian-speaking Internet, not surpassing the current president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev (the slogan he was met by the blogosphere). It all started with a watercolor painting by John Lurie, which depicts a couple of tourists caught up in a bear during sex, saying Surprise Later, someone Lobzz replace the phrase to "hello" and published on the website viral marketing internete.primer – 'hello' picture spread through Internet users worldwide and the phrase appeared in blogs, on fences, walls, toilets and glasses public transport. But in the context of this article, we were not very interested in how much this event changed the world. Much more important, how it happened.

-Appeared object-virus (like myself a picture and the phrase "hello Bear") -People who saw the picture began to send a link to a page with a picture of my friends (and those his own, and so on ), copy and paste into blogs, send in a postcard by e-mail. That is – to send information on the chain from one to another. Let's turn our attention to why it happened. Most people desire is inherent in something to cheer up yourself, to share positive emotions with their social environment. Not uncommon When we hear from their friends the phrase of a kind: "I yesterday told anecdote is very funny! Listen!

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