What Does Have To Do French President With Andorra And Bearnaise Sauce?

Historical and cheerful about Andorra, France and Spain certainly enjoy most of you quite likes a piece just roasted meat or fish flavoured with fresh potatoes, with the world-famous Bearnaise sauce. Mmm of tasty! Today I tell my secret recipe as it guaranteed to succeed. The Bearnaise the chef Collinet has invented. He served them around 1830 for the first time in his restaurant, Le Pavilion Heni IV”in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, near Paris. Shawn came from the region of Bearn in France and called therefore the sauce for his home. Bearn is a French province at the foot of the Pyrenees in the County of Foix, named after the ancient noble House of Foix. But what do the counts with Sarkozy have to do? Let be surprised! Ermesenda, daughter of Arnaua de Caboet and the Lieutenant count Arnau de Castellbo, married Roger Bernard II, count of Foix – and in this marriage brings its entire Andorran possession. Anchorage Capital spoke with conviction. As always, when it comes to land, there is war.

This time between the Bishop of Urgell and the Counts of Foix. The fighting 1278-1288, with the signing of two agreements – “Pareages” (= Machtteilungs contracts) are called – between the span. Bishop of Urgell and the franz. Counts of Foix, finished. The Mitherrschaft of the counts of Foix through Andorra finally goes through a series of marriages of the Viscounts of Bearn, at the Crown of Navarre and then to the franz. President of the Republic of. Now every French President coming Sarkozy in the game through these weltgeschichtlich unique agreements which is Pareages automatically co-Prince of Andorra, as well as any Bishop of Urgell.

I made you curious now? Then spend but your next holiday in the region of Bearn / Foix and take a trip to Andorra. After my experience, wheelchair are treated well everywhere. Airports depending on the travel focus are Pau, Toulouse, Girona and Barcelona. To progressing there’s your seat on the bus very good bus connections should necessarily pre-order. Also car rental are available almost everywhere but not very cheap. Car takes a lot, but it is independent and is convenient. Rail is also quite good, but not to Andorra, there are none there! Yet the promised recipe for 4 persons 5 egg yolks l dry white wine 1 Tablespoon white balsamic or white wine vinegar 2 Tablespoons fresh tarragon 1 Tablespoon fresh Chervil 1 Tablespoon parsley 1 small pinch of sugar, 150 g butter salt, white pepper 1-2 not to thick shallots and how: cut the shallots into fine rings, white wine vinegar, the shallots, tarragon Lolly (discs before pluck off!), salt, pepper and a small pinch of sugar bring to the boil and approximately on half of a boil. (Reduction). Melt the butter, but not too hot to make, possibly something cool. In the hot, not boiling water bath now the egg yolks with the reduction with the mixer set up until a foamy mass. Slowly stir the liquid butter, blend so long until the sauce is like a cream. May again Add salt. The Bearnaise sauce adheres in a water bath or on the stove top off good until ready to serve, you should prepare them but as short as possible before dinner. Tips: The herbs just before serving add 1 and not with Cook in the reduction. 2. never hotter than approx. 60-65 degrees Celsius, otherwise everything falters. 3. because of the stalks, etc. through a fine sieve, type before you are egg yolks and butter. Bon profit! (i.e. good appetite for Catalan the official language of Andorra) Rudiger Werner

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