Wine Tourism Business

The Spanish Association of Wine Cities (ACEVIN) conducted a survey of practice in Spain, and published an article that expresses some interesting data. These reports that the Spanish are frequent visitors at its highest percentage, Spanish. To be more specific, local tourists account for 82% of the total. This leads us to conclude that only 18% of wine tourists are foreigners. The wine routes are flown by the Spanish to foreign visitors, it is found that with the report by the Centre Tourism Product Club Wine Routes of Spain. This publication produced jointly with the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, was assembled based on 269 surveys. These were performed on 11 different routes, the traditional wine tours. According to the answers provided by respondents, the visit to a lesser extent foreign wineries.

Anyway, it is interesting that this percentage is composed of 18% belongs to foreign wineries. 20 100 people are Germans, 15 belong to the UK, Benelux and the United States. The American tourist is the most consuming. It was also particularly interested in wines that have a historical or cultural background. Even drink more wine to his origin. Also disfrutn of socialization that promotes this area, especially wine clubs. As for the composition of 80%, ie, of Spanish wine tourists, the highest percentage is made up of Catalans you, the people of Madrid, the barcelonenses. Also, the people of Zaragoza, Bilbao, Sevilla, Valladolid and Valencia.

If we speak of accommodation, wine tourists tend to opt for the hotel. 43% replied that prefer this type of accommodation. To this we must add value by 13% which is also housed in hotels, but rural. 20% prefer the homes of relatives or friends. Of the services offered no one complains. On the other hand, were more than satisfied, because in a scale of 1 to 5, half of respondents rated 5 to tourism services in the wine routes. These services include: accommodation (hotels, hostels, etc), food (restaurants, bars, taverns, etc) oenological services (museums, wine, wineries, wine bars, etc.), customer service and courteous treatment and product quality. The tourist wine is not like any tourist. It is extremely accurate, and tends to return to the places they liked, or where he was treated kindly. The survey showed that 40% of the respondents had gone through that route. The most visited routes are La Rioja, Jerez, Penedes, Rias Baixas Ribera del Duero.

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