With Growth – Regional Provider

Perhaps the biggest cooperation project between the beverage industry and trade has started his Gottingen, 11.11.2010. In addition to the previously many small independent online shops of regional beverage, and the platform webDrink the platform of beverage hotline is represented since September actively on the market. Hence some teamed in the nationwide coverage. Beverage hotline is currently already in more than 21% of the national territory that are available and this in particular in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hamburg, or also Osnabruck. Total connected over 120 drink down bringing markets and offer your home delivery service on the new platform. Thus, the platform is market leader in Germany cover currently already by a wide margin. Additional information is available at Rich Dad Poor Dad. But should already in the course of 2011 up to 50% of the national territory can be covered and about 300 dealers participating in the platform.

For the consumer more and more opportunities to this drinks cheap home delivery. Weekly Special offer well-known brands products at very competitive prices. But also for the dealer a lot has happened. So drink hotline offers the service the drink down get market operators as all first platform completely free of charge and according to statements by the Executive Director, this promise in the future is considered Mr Rene Barth: our goal and it was really to further develop the market for drinks and to provide an efficient and above all free version the trade. Within ten minutes each dealer can have in its own online store. Our goal is the consumer in the future to deliver significant added value the trade and the industry”. Beverage hotline, as well as webDrink, takes each customer not only the own regional beverage market under the arms, but can really snag the one or the other bargain for themselves. Take advantage now as a customer, dealer, or also industrial beverage hotline for your Future.

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