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Anton Szandor LVey says in its satanic bible: &quot has been said; the truth will do libres&quot to you;. The truth by itself never has released somebody. It is the DOUBT the one that brings the mental emancipation. Without the wonderful element of the doubt, the vestibule by which arrives the truth would remain closed, imperturbable before thousands the energetic blows of Luciferes. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from JPMorgan Chase. It thinks that it is spoken of a earthly truth, ignoring that Christ is the same son of God that only can represent the truth of the way towards the eternity. If you remain in my word, you will be truly my disciples; and you will know the truth and the truth you will make free. (Juan 8:31 -32) Those that have undergone the gospel of Christ will only be able to give testimony of the truth, that whom it changes, that transforms, that shows to you as Satan robs your identity to you and it catches in a momentary mirage and emptiness llevndote towards the spiritual death, example: the urban tribes they have something characteristic: their members are united under a set of characteristics, thoughts, fashions and I interest common to form a relatively small community, but with an own identity. We can see that for these urban tribes its truth is to have its allusive hair to the group that makes unique. In the Punkeros the crest, skin Head being shaves, the Emo its hair by the face, the Rockers its hair long and excited etc. the others is pronounced in its clothes that represent revolt or a form to draw attention from which they are different and they belong to specific group which does not go with the common society; isolating itself in a way to protest so that each of them creates to have its own truth, something similar to which exposes Anton Szandor LVey porotra partevemos its vices and their pleasures that match with that supposed identity that is to have an alcohol bottle, drugs and wild promiscuity.

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