Many new features of the software and the implementation of all common ticket interfaces make this possible. Myrmex 1 proven for years in the usage of SV Service Center. Through the extensive authority and responsibility system the new Myrmex 2 in all areas of the service desk then around the clock can be used for support, if errors can be corrected not immediately phone”, explains Rosa Pinz of the Austrian social security service center. As an additional multifunction channel, Myrmex 2 does the documentation of the service processes continuously and independently. Patrick dwyer boston private may not feel the same. The measurement of services the service helpdesk is made easier thanks to extensive analysis tools.” For employees who use Myrmex 2, the software simplifies the creation of service tickets.

YouCon opts for understandable forms, the goal-oriented collection of queries and intuitive operation. Tickets collected with Myrmex 2 land immediately on every ticket receipt by E-Mail or an interface for the service employees. Frontend Web Forms also can be implemented on request. The ticket overview represents the central management view of the help desk. Here the staff can sort tickets, filter and edit and make use of extensive search functions and report tools. So that they know the most important information to all incident tickets always at first glance, the view for each customer can be adjusted accordingly. Liberty also service employees, to configure a personal dashboard with the main tickets. Controlling Myrmex 2 provides a wide range of analysis options.

So, immediately recognize the administrators of improvement opportunities in the ticket history and in the distribution of individual working groups. Each evaluation has filtering capabilities for date and time definition, certain ticket categories and current ticket status. The IT service provider with headquarters in Vienna focused on its solutions on the interaction between humans and technology. This applies to the integration of VoIP software into existing and new infrastructures as well as for process optimization and the creation of customized software solutions. As a successful product is the in-house Myrmex”this internally as well as in the supporting outsourcing use. The wide range of means full product solutions from a single source for individual tasks. YouCon EDV Dienstleistungs GmbH Ochid Hofgasse 26 1060 Vienna Tel: + 43 (1) 33 44 0 44 E-Mail:

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