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Emergency Landing

People turn to us, many experts of Russian companies for advice on learning and staff development. The reasons for such appeals are different – it is, and issues related to the construction of intra-system training, and organization and evaluation of staff and, of course, issues related to the conduct of trainings. Recently we had the […]

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Supreme Environmental Council

The garbage crisis: the mountains of rubbish in Russia and China in a report prepared by for the meeting of the Supreme Environmental Council of the State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology are altogether disappointing data on that volume of untreated and uncleared waste Russia annually grow, increasing in the last ten […]

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Portrait Images

This effect allows an object to be allocated to background, reducing the information content of the latter with the help of the blur. Although this effect is applied to many portrait images, it is generally not suited to create portraits in an environment where required more information about the latter. Wedding photographers wishing to create […]

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