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Feng Shui

To be in house so that? He uses to advantage the luck tide and to go exotic places and to know, foreign people and other cultures different you at this moment will bring many energies for. The possibility of a great party of So Paulo marriage exists, therefore it prepares myself for many emotions. Perhaps […]

Fair Exemptions

The Hall the Tax exemption Expofranquicia 2011 has predicted to celebrate his seventh edition in the Fair of Madrid from the 5 to the 7 of May. The past year 140 companies and 225 marks occurred to appointment in the contest, that were visited by a total of 12,261 people, which was translated in an […]

On Joint Stock Companies

However, to accelerate real possession now there is a procedure where the equity before selling the old members (founders) appoints ceo new man, henchman of future participants. This is normal. New general certifies the signature of a bank card with a notary, relates them to the bank accepts print, documents and other matters, including accounting, […]

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