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BBQ Size

Today we talk about elektroshashlychnitsah, namely, their advantages and disadvantages compared to a conventional grill, and by what criteria they choose. Let's first define what is best, or the usual elektroshashlychnitsa BBQ with coals. Pros barbecue that due to smoke, barbecue aroma is obtained, and it is well worth it. The same advantage is that […]

Electric Motor Repair

Determination and elimination of causes vibration of electric motors repair of direct and alternating current induction motors repair, rotor balancing increased dramatically reduces vibration reliability electric and above all dangerous to his bearings. Under the influence of jogging, shock from a vibrating rotor in journal bearings can be broken oil film and the come podplavlenie […]

Innovation From The Practice For The Practice

Training for the practitioners of Russian healing techniques one of the probably most unusual and innovative seminars takes place now for the umpteenth time in Germany. Therapists with training for the practitioners of Russian healing techniques”a comprehensive education in the Russian treatment methods. The training concludes with an examination upon request. Result if the examination […]

The Truth About Power

Food and health in these days a regional chain is emitting a series produced by the very interesting BBC titled the truth about food. It seems surprising that no serious studies on the influence of the power been made in health until now. Studies of Western medicine try to cure diseases through chemical compounds, surgery, […]

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Presented Smartphone fair app for efficient visit of the IFA on the largest trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances again innovations and firsts are worldwide, which will affect people’s consumption behavior in the future. The IFA once again in this year, shows that the digital revolution is everywhere. The motto faithfully presents the […]

Multiple Intelligences

Howard Gardner defines intelligence as a The ability to solve problems or make products that are valuable in one or more cultures. The importance of the definition of Gardner is twofold: – First, it extends the scope of what is intelligence and recognizes the we all knew intuitively, and that academic brilliance is not everything. […]

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