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Mexico City

Two women entrepreneurs were in the seats adjacent to mine and talked about the traffic in Mexico City, a city where I lived about 11 years and where I have great friends and beautiful memories. They talked and laughed at how to manage in the city, the distances, congestion and the constant sound of horns […]

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This finish has a spatial distribution much more wide that It goes from Bucaramanga (Santander province, Colombia), Cariamanga (Loja, Ecuador), Sosoranga (people of Ecuador 6 leagues from the River macara), Huamantanga (Canta province, Lima-Peru), Pauranga (Huancavelica), Huasicanga (Ancash), etc. For the Colombian area Bucaramanga is located in an area not quechua and is a clear […]

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Marriage and sex seemed to be obvious that it is important for spouses to deliver maximum satisfaction to each other. But why, in our ordinary life is not so in all family alliances? Of course, in the first place it As for her husband. Often, the spouse does not allow the thought that his wife […]

The Modern Farmer

The demand for energy from renewable resources is as large as ever. For agriculture opens the way with the intensive cultivation of renewable raw materials to make a contribution to cover the increasing energy needs, create jobs in rural areas and to reduce the greenhouse effect. Whether for producing fuel, the heat or electricity that […]

Advanced Dealer Program Targets

Anti virus specialist BitDefender offers tailored security packages at a preferential price of Holzwickede, March 07, 2011 security expert BitDefender ( continues to expand its retail program for Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. Speaking candidly Ed Hochuli told us the story. With the two new package solutions startup security and education-security, the Romanian security specialist […]

Antonio Rodriguez San Juan

Follow-up to this young girl has not been easy; We wanted to have news and we have found them comes from the popular Caricuao parish. Sir Terry Farrell brings even more insight to the discussion. Since very young, he participated in various youth meetings and community associations. He was as Directora Juvenil de Caricuao by […]

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Tourism Business Administration

IS presented that drew the ITB Berlin studies at his booth this year again tens of thousands of visitors, exhibitors and media representatives study Institute. The most successful tourism fair in the world at the Exhibition Center Berlin was launched on March 11. March 15 interested were able to admire here the combination of exhibition, […]

Business Management Consultant

Do not go directly to the bar, to the buffet or your seat. Walk toward the center of the event, avoid staying on street corners or in heavy traffic areas, as it is the input. Leave your shyness aside and dare to approach other people and start a conversation. Read more here: jill murphy. 1 […]

IMD World Competitiveness Center

In this line, Brazil advanced three position in ranking of more competitive countries of the world and has presented performance favorable in way to the international crisis. The conclusions are of the International Institute for the Managemental Development (IMD, in the acronym in English), that it divulged in day 20 of May, its traditional ranking […]

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Kharkiv Production

The share of other market participants not exceed 0.1%. During 2005-2009, the structure of honey production in the regions of Ukraine was formed as follows: the lead in terms of production product Poltava (12%), Donetsk (11%) and Cherkassy (9%) regions. 5% to 7% of output belongs to Kirovograd, Zaporozhye, Vinnitsa, Kharkiv, Sumy and Kyiv regions. […]

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