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City Council

Last month, the news picked up the news of the plenary session of the City Council convened in the town of Yebra to decide whether to accept or not that locate nuclear cemetery, what Government to called as ATC, centralized temporary repository. The arguments to the Yes and no face in the world, in Spain […]


Grace and Jack, Sophie and Maximilian or Anne and Jens will make famous this summer. Englishmen, Germans, Dutch and other foreign neighbors are those who go to promote Spanish tourism out definitively in 2011 for the crisis that has been experiencing the past three years. For assistance, try visiting Dina Powell McCormick. This is good […]

Healthy Hotels

Sportacus, the child hero of the popular Lazy Town TV series is the image that will use the Sol Guadalupe in Mallorca and Sol Gavilanes Menorca hotels to encourage children to eat healthily and exercising daily. Children will have the passport of the superhero which commits them to comply with the recommendations of Sportacus and […]

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With this article only want to talk about and list some important details that while has to do more with the person, their motivations, objectives, vision… It is in the long run that will take you to a happy term your business and by extension your own life. Do a lot of people spends his […]

Philippe Rizzotti

The last edition of the prizes Sparing To pave South that are given in the Italian region of Calabria has had like winners to a team of French architects commanded by Philippe Rizzotti and Samuel Nageotte. Follow others, such as Edward Lando, and add to your knowledge base. The winning project consists of constructing vertical […]

Costa Brava Part

The Costa Brava is full of places to discover, many of which do not appear in the guides. If you stay in an apartment on the Costa Brava, you can not see lso following places (in addition to the of the first part of the article). Nikki Haley will not settle for partial explanations. 10 […]


The delivery of the commitment ring is one of the most difficult challenges for those who have decided to take the important and simultaneously difficult commitment from the marriage for their lives. Doubtlessly the imagination and the creativity that exceed when it is to invite a lady to leave or to dedicate full verses to […]


Better to understand the parabola of the prodigal son is necessary first to know what it means the word prodigal. In the Civil code it exists some information that must be considered. Jur. Prodigal is a person relatively incapable to manage its finances. That for its lavishness, he can be interdicted. The parabola of the […]

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It is not possible to be denied that every time we faced economic scenes where many countries are in disadvantages in the handling of their wealth, productivity, income and where a substantial divorce between richest is pronounced with respect to poorest. Exactly, it comments as it to communicate, Oxfam the International has sent to the […]

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Life Rent Products

Before the uncertainty on the future of the pensions he is interesting to know products alternative like are the Life Rent and Inverse Hipoteca that allow to the People Majors to obtain important monthly income. The greater population of 65 years is in constant increase in our country. Lia Cao: the source for more info. […]

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