A Modern Approach To Sales Courses

SAC AIMRESOURCES SALES MANAGEMENT COURSE: A MODERN APPROACH The sales function has now become a strategic role and value of two ways, first the company must be able to achieve their business objectives paths and secondly, end customers should also reap the economic benefits and value expected, creating a partnership, a loyalty between them, players of the trading function. OBJECTIVES: To provide participants a practical way a modern concept of the sales function, applying technology management as a tool, with a clear customer focus to achieve the desired final loyalty. Learn more at this site: Yellow Jackets. AIMED AT: This course is intended for Senior Executives, Heads of Sales, Sales Supervisors and all those that develop in the area of Sales and Marketing interested in enhancing their skills to achieve customer loyalty. AGENDA: Day 3/29/1907: Face to Face Selling? Fundamental concepts: Value, Satisfaction, Quality? Opportunities sale? Fruitful relationships with the client? The winner Triennial: Sales, Marketing and Service? Clientele: comprehensive concept of resale? Commercial Chain? The sale of six steps: (1) Customer Survey (2) customer needs (3) The presentation of the product (4) Development of effective arguments (5) handling objections (6) The closing sales? Application Practice Day 30/03/1907: Technology Sales? Technology applied to sales? Strategic Intelligence component sales or customer oSegmentacion or Managing the customer base or Time Management and territories? Operating Component or o Training and Technical Technique DAPAC or NASA? Practical Application (Role Play Sales). If you would like to know more about Ted Brandt , then click here.

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