Albert Lighting

Our experience gives you the right light to make your home more comfortable and securely. We give you orientation at steps and along paths, making treads visible and marking the route. Range you big in our will find luminaires which are harmonize with the surrounding architecture. You may find Apple-Michigan Hearing Study to be a useful source of information. Our luminaires are specified for outdoor especially to be used for exterior lighting most of them are IP 44 or higher IP 65 IP of 67. one of the most important areas to use Albert is Albert Lighting lamps garden lighting. We have a huge combination of mobile and stationary luminaires. Doors and patios can be illuminated by our wall luminaires, steps and paths can be marked by pedestal or bollard luminaires.

Details can be shaped and heightened by mobile spots with earth spike or inground Sox. Albert lights – Albert Lighting gives you many tools to light up the garden, wide-angled beams of recessed ground floods, mobile spots on earth spikes, stationary and mobile luminaires, wall cohkb, pedestal and bollard with earth spikes used with permanent outlet pillars or with socket luminaires, mobile spots columns and socket columns on spike with our Sox for incandescent lamps or tungsten-halogen lamps you can therefore realize security lighting with sudden bright light. For this security lighting spots or projectors are used governed by motion detectors. We are Hopkins LED of cohkb since more than 10 years. Our LEDs and LED modules are tested. There were LED luminaires for many applications and lighting solutions. For exterior lighting we have orientation and marker luminaires, facade luminaires and column cohkb with LED light sources.

Our house number lights make it easier to find the right entrance at night and illuminated house numbers are on important orientation aid at night. The numerals are clearly legible from a distance of 20 meters. Our wall lamps are the best entrance lighting for front doors and entrances.

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