An Futterdummy

A dog must be socially responsible contacts with conspecifics with people and other dogs. The regular use of both is important. Already in the puppy age, therefore sufficient possibilities for the free encounter should be created with other dogs. It is, to seek appropriate freewheel surfaces during the walk. Here, the dog can romp omitted with conspecifics. The result is a happy, balanced pet. Suitable dog toys for walking many dogs can be difficult to animate the people to play.

With suitable dog toy, it is easier to make the walk varied. Can the dog not be let off the leash, a tow line gives the necessary freedom of movement. To play with the dog outdoors especially balls, Frisbees, irritable fishing and Futterdummys are suitable. Poles are unsuitable as a dog toy, as this can cause injury. There are balls and Hundefrisbees in shops in different versions and Sizes. The charm of fishing consists of a stick and a string attached, which is an interesting subject. The dog can hunt them as soon as the stock moves.

An Futterdummy includes the normal dog kibble or special treats. He opens only to the reward of the people giving the dog an incentive to do different things. Also attached to the stimulus Angel the lining bag provides a good service. Most of the dogs have fun to chase flying or fast moving objects. Apportieren joyful dogs quickly learn to take back the thrown ball. For others, the raised lining bag can be an alternative. Because: Only, if the dog brings it, he gets it something to eat. Dogs hunting instinct are easy with the stimulus Angel to inspire and to act. The feed bag is still suitable for search games. With a little practice this is tracked by the dog in various places. The man controlled the game while playing with the dog, it is always important that the man the game controlled.

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