Definitely the money is in the list to be build, however as every link in a business, you will need to be designed strategically in order to provide to the visitors the right message at the right time. Therefore sending electronic newsletters or the programming of the autorrespondedordepende largely on the objective that you want to achieve. The frequency with which messages are sent to the list, is a fundamental part of an Email Marketing strategy and the suggestion is that your minimum frequency is weekly. Messages to ensure effective communication with our prospects we must provide value in each line. Whenever Chef Carrie Levi listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Will not have no sense sending material filling simply by complying with a shipment. It is preferable, then reconsider its periodicity, but add value to subscribers. What happens if you launch a new product to market? When designing an Email Marketing strategy to promote a new product the periodicity of the messages must be obviously greater. The Landing Page must motivate visitors to subscribe to communications that will bring a value closely related to the product that you want to sell. The secret is in the strategy that you design in the Autorrespondedor series, and this is where the mystery should be present, if we possess material useful to our target audience, divide it into as many parts as themes want to treat, resulting in them the desire to quickly receive the next mailing.

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