Buenos Aires Argentina

BubbleShare: Share photos Play some Online Games. In the Act of painting, expresses Eva, think of how to distribute the space of the fabric, as if they were the spaces where I write my words, my spots; I try to represent my inner landscape without tying me to a particular aesthetic, using both black and color, in an antagonism in struggle of emotions and thoughts, a figure that emerges as a gesture, a square that contains us, but let us not be in our true geometry. We are inhabitants of ourselves, trying to break the barrier that does not let us be with each other. As penetrate the paths that hides the lost, invisible, looming, furious, stark and intriguing city. These unknown worlds are inhabited by me, and in my sorrow for them, to fear them, to make me friend, I want to feel that they were released in bare, that someone saw them, that I found them and I now know them. How can I represent those worlds hidden and unreachable? Only my feelings provoke my imagination, my intuition guide me in the aesthetic search, not enough information, it achieves nothing.The exhibition, consisting of works in acrylic and mixed techniques on canvas, delves into sensations and stages of consciousness, using own resources of expressionism, interacting between different realities, without sacrificing the plasticity. A work that possesses sensuality and coherence.We are what our brain can process, but also, somewhat, over, and we are not alone. In a world so troubled, with a dizzying present, this small subtracted, wants with their artistic proposals, House sensations in the mind and the heart. The show will be open to the public until March 27, 2008, with free admission. Hipolito Resto & Arte Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires Argentina.

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