Capacity Transparency

Establishment of commitment. Envolvement with institutions that represent varied interests. Capacity to attract and to keep talentos. High degree of motivation and comprometimento of the employees. Capacity to deal with conflict situations. Establishment of feasible goals of short and long stated period. 10 the performance based on ethical principles and the search of the quality in the organizacionais relations are manifestations of the RSE; (Enterprise Social Responsibility).

It has its values focados in the transparency of its relationships, the ethical behavior of its managers and collaborators and in the commitment with the quality of life of the community where she is inserted. The respect to the consumer, quality in the management of the social investments, ethical and transparency, fulfilment of the fiscal obligations and protection to the environment are some of the factors most excellent in the socially responsible performance. RSE is the form of ethical and transparent management of the company with all the public with which it becomes related. It is the establishment of compatible enterprise goals with the sustainable development of the society, with the preservation of environmental resources and cultural. It is to have respect to the diversity and to promote the reduction of the social inaqualities. Source: Institute Ethos de Social Responsabilidade.

One of the premises of the RSE is the relationship with the diverse groups of interests – stakeholders – and to keep a dialogue based on the transparency. Stakeholdes nothing more is of what some public with which the organization if relates. This includes since customers, collaborators, suppliers, shareholders and the community. All influence directly or indirectly, in the route that the organization decides to take. Therefore, they, an ethical and transparent relation are basic the companies to keep with all. Source: Institute Ethos de Social Responsabilidade 1,2 When inserted enterprise Support in the behavior of the consumer, will imply the adoption of opposing measures to the exacerbado consumerism, for contribution of the future generations and in the search of the equity and social justice.

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