Cape Otway

every visitor will immediately get that this city for water sports such as surfing and Kitn may refer. Every company (Billabong, Quiksilver, Rip Curl, etc.) begin connecting with this sport, has a larger branch in this little place. At the Bell, you can watch surfers of world class Beach and Jan beach. 3rd stage: Torquay after Anglesia (approx. 20 km) in Anglesia arrive, you should consult the local golf course on all cases. You have a 100% Kanguru-on this golf course guarantee. They graze on throughout the territory. You have here the possibility of up to a few meters to the animals to get because they already have got accustomed to people.

4 stage: Anglesia after Apollo Bay (about 65 km) after Anglesia a road begins, which will quickly show you, why this road is named “Coast road”. The road between cliffs and beaches through meanders in many curves. You should in all cases on the Cape Patton’s and Mariner’s Lookout stop and beautiful views enjoy the coast. Intermediate stop Otway National Park? If you are driven to Apollo Bay, you will have already noticed, that often on the road maps just history of the Great Ocean Road is anything but straightforward. Should you have scheduled only one day for this tour, Combipix advises you to suspend National Park no longer in Otway because there is still a certain distance up to the 12 Apostles (90 km).

The road is only partially in straightforward, so you have to drive many miles of curves track to achieve the goal (the twelve apostles) before sunset. If you still get with a part of the Park are, we advise to drive you to the way to the Cape Otway lighthouse. You get an overview of the Park and have later still enough time for the climax of this day trips. Intermediate stop Melba gully State Park? This Park is a large nature reserve.

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