Choosing Your Presence on the Web

I noticed that another common mistake, but someone did not want to believe, is that many people are confusing to register a website on a search engine to optimize a website for search engines. It has nothing to do one thing with another, the reality is that each word describes a different activity, a job to do differently. As always trying to be as didactic as possible let me explain it in the most simple that even a novice entrepreneur that has just begun, you can understand, with this brief report of each activity in question. Suppose you just start your website or blog, you have just the “uploaded” to the server that gives you accommodation, but … Read more here: patrick. of course, no one knows it’s there.

You can not say that with only “upload” the task is finished, and that magically “appear” in the lists of search engines. For your site to appear, you must register it, ie “register, include your site in search engines and notorious dire,” to be added to their lists. It is a hard work that requires patience, the registration of your site, in English “submission” which translated means submission, is to make the form “know the existence” of the site, you accept and include in their lists for the search. The same applies to directories. In short, to get your site to the world. This is work that is done manually and that takes time. There is also another option which are programs that you can purchase and include your site on hundreds of directories automatically, although this practice because I do not recommend automatic can end perpendicularity. As I always say, slowly and sure-footed is better.

With respect to the optimization of your website, is known as SEO (Search engine optimization) means optimization of the engine. Now, what are search engines?. The programs that use search engines to crawl websites and their content, these programs are also called search robots, spiders, or spider. These programs obtain information from the sites, which is then processed and so are giving the position to have each site in the list (the position) or the ranking. SEO work is to modify and make improvements in some parts of your website, especially the contents and parts of the code, looking for “captivate” in some way to form (optimized with search engines), with the sole purpose to improve the ranking. For this there are a number of methods, tasks, strategies and skills. Finally: I hope you have this information useful, and that from now on, you know what it is, you start to investigate everything. You can get more information, and how they are important functions, it is good and desirable that you have a file with all matters relating to these issues.

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