Classic Marketing Budgets

Presentation of the book “Google AdWords” – free video downloads and free e-book author presented on 31 July and online marketing specialist Dipl.Vw. Alexander Beck in Vienna “Google AdWords” – the first German-language book on the topic of advertising with Google. There was great interest by the press and businessmen. The Chief said the opening words from Google Austria Dr. Karl Pall. A video of the press conference is available for download at On the top, it drove author Alexander Beck in his presentation with a statement: “the classic marketing budgets of companies are actually just more bullshit.

When properly used, Google AdWords will reach the target groups, cheaper and especially scalable. Successful AdWords campaign budget limits are detrimental to success.” That author Alexander Beck writes a book about Google AdWords, does not come from he is about – but partners of e-dialog is a management consulting and specialized in online marketing, Web Analytics and conversion optimization. “Google is of course the BigPlayer and is currently of” any other search engine is even remotely reached”, as author Alexander Beck. e-dialog is trying for its customers to improve the efficiency of existing sites and to increase the return on investment of campaigns. Beck: “simply put, we want to achieve more sales with less advertising budgets – in 98% of cases we succeed also. Actually no wonder’re familiar normal advertising agencies not yet with the new medium and its possibilities.” In the context of outsourced online marketing, search engine marketing, as well as all forms of performance campaigns are carried out, evaluated and optimized.

Customers include – bauMax and Wien-ticket – company the Humboldt open Institute and Lauda motion as FlyNiki, BA-CA,

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