Here the point is to not borrow the terno friend or a family member, in this case the terno must be custom made.It is recommended to follow some general guidelines. The following are guidelines, to see if you can apply to your organization 1.-preach with example hire the type of managers or executives who underpin the values you prepended to your staff. In an important organization in Peru devoted to the sale of beers, they hired a manager of marketing, excellent in their scrolls, but an animal in dealing with staff. Conscious General Manager that would alter these system of psychological compromise achieved with its people, decided to let go of that element. Few organizations would do the same? 2 Spread the mission and ideology of the Organization to hire based on such values. Sensitize staff with them in the processes of orientation and training. 3. The bilateral communication construct a procedure that allows to listen to top down and bottom up.

4. Gather at the people fosters teamwork and sustain its behavior on the basis of the same. Is consistent with their values. 5 Grows with us. Requires that staff this updated, offer a challenge at work. Enrich and delegated power. Offers ascent from the beginning: comply with it and spread it on his people. Offers development activities.

With regard to the permanence in employment, be careful and only manifest a relative permanence. If I get to here you must have many questions, as I do this? In short the only thing you need to do is live the concept of my personal is the blood of the organization. Be consistent and creative. Lic. Ricardo Candela houses original author and source of the article.

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