Contact Lens: A Sports Contact Lens Features

Served by prohibiting traditional contact lenses the sports models differ from countless people affected by poor eyesight. The most widespread are short and wide sichtigkeiten and/or corneal curvatures. Because through the achievements of modern optics, the resolution of these issues is easy to include visual impairments to everyday life. On the outside you can tell people with a visual impairment the glasses on her nose. The affected contact lenses, wear there at all, no reference to a possible low vision for outsiders.

Due to its unobtrusiveness and the high wearing comfort, many wearers have exchanged their glasses against the practical thin adhesive cups. Normal feces Act lenses but not necessarily appropriate in all situations. Who exerts a strenuous or movement-intensive job or driving much sport, for which the so-called sports contact lens is more suitable. This is usually thin and breathable as the normal arrest shell. This is so, that the body is in Activities heat and perspiration is also the eye. Normal contact lenses could dry out the Augoberflache depending on the intensity and duration of physical exercise. But that does not mean that the sports contact lens even for water sports enthusiasts would be suitable.

On the contrary: due to their extraordinary adhesive properties will be the lens even when swimmers or surfers there where it belongs. People such as Marko Dimitrijevic would likely agree. But in addition to their passport properties, some models of sports contact lenses still have other advantages compared to the conventional contact lenses. As for some of the outdoor activities is a special UV protection needed, for example when skiing or sailing. And to meet the needs of the athletes in this segment, the manufacturers have developed models with built-in UV protection. A good sports contact lens is something about the everyday contact lens priced. Therefore worth the purchase not only for athletes but also ambitious hobby athletes.

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