Cuervo River Dam

The real alternative for the future to be taken by Chile is energy efficiency and renewable non-conventional, and not sacrificing exceptional communities and territories in the interest of some few. For more information see patrick ta. ” “On this statement, as inhabitants of this region will discuss the study and see if they promote in terms of low social and environmental impact is so true, although the history of this particular project we start distrusting” emphasized the leader . Cuervo Dam: A dam on the tortuous past is part of the Cuervo River hydroelectric complex (near the dams on the rivers Condor and White) who once was intended to build to supply power to the failed aluminum plant in the Bay Alumysa Puerto Chacabuco, in the Aysen fjord, whose study was admitted to the SEIA in August 2001 and withdrawn on August 14, 2003. The origin of the lead mining had its bases in the strategic alliance that Noranda alumina materialized in 1995 with the Walker family, owner since the late 80s and early 90s of some water rights and land necessary to implement the idea under Figure legal personality “Aysen Project.” Resources basic water were delivered to the family firm between 1988 and 1989, and supplemented in later years with new rights in the same rivers and in the White, reached a peak of about 899 m3 to 2007 now in the hands of Southern Energy. Much of those rights are consumptive. The land acquisition was another complex issue.

An important area of the fields that are now part of the enterprise (more than 16 000 hectares) were acquired by “Aysen Project” to the Treasury in 1990 to an average of $ 3,000 an acre, and transferred to “Draft Alumysa Ltd., in 1995. This management was questioned in due course by the Ministry of National Assets in an ordinary signed by the then owner of the portfolio, Adriana Delpiano, on 8 November that year, reported that “the public lands were sold at prices apparently low but the Treasury was not at the proper time, history and tests necessary to operate legally and, to this date, all actions would be prescribed. ” “Other irregular situations are that after acquiring the land they took all the residents who lived in the area and that, moreover, the amount of water rights they possess in the Crow River is superior even to the flow that carries the river” recalled Peter Hartmann, who has closely followed the story. Another critical issue that is the eventual site of the Cuervo River Dam and its facilities, a few kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake in April 2007 and the Ofqui Liquine-medium cross-media, all of which makes a work of this magnitude not viable. “We expected another project, more respectful to the environment and truly sustainable. This flooding is a pristine area of high value, leaving almost no water Cuervo river and threatening the fishing and aquaculture in the fjord. In addition, it remains a threat to Puerto Aysen at that location, tremendous volcanic and seismic, which is otherwise a risk to the investment itself “were the words of Hartmann. During this week Aysen Conama must decide whether processing welcomes the study, as in the case of HidroAysen critics state that is incomplete in not considering the energy transfer to the Central Interconnected System, which would be his goal.

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