Economic Crisis

Current realities of society, in particular the progression of the global economic crisis, many experts say absolutely not an appropriate time for any financial investment, whether buying a country house or new car. But if your desire to buy a new iron horse is so large that no crisis can not change your plans, first of all, it is worth carefully analyze the market situation and choose the best option. Of course, provided that you have money to burn, that is, incidentally, very rarely, your choice – Motor Show. The new car, he, as they say in Africa – a new car. This unique aroma brand new interior decorative materials, characteristic only for new cars, and the ideal operation of the engine, and your chosen accessories, and favorite color of the body.

Simply put – exactly what you want. But such comfort and feel you have to pay, and pay a lot even. No wonder they say that as soon as the new car goes out of the salon it, depending on the class, losing in the cost of two to three thousand euros. On Today, one can observe a very interesting situation on the market of new cars. Official dealers to compensate for the sharp drop in car sales, which have already accumulated in the warehouses, offer all kinds of discounts and promotions, starting from the usual price cuts to more sophisticated variants – dual-zone climate control as a gift, one year of free service, etc. Car Market – this is a budget solution all your transportation problems. Yes, without doubt, the prices of cars with mileage is impressive.

Here you and 'corn-cob' (Toyota Land Cruiser) 2008 fully equipped, with a minimum of 2 times cheaper than an authorized dealer, and BMW M5 with a herd of horsepower under the hood. In short, everything that your heart desires. However, in reality, the new owners of these cars never learn their real history. Typically, sellers are assured: "The American, not beautiful, not bits." After careful examination revealed that in reality – is really an American, but no one – in Klaipeda (Lithuania), 'garazhniki' for a week or two simply 'as a designer will gather' of 3 crumpled Land Cruiser, a 'new'. Welds shpaklyuyut, painted,, saloon drag, washed the blood from the steering, windows and dashboard. And literally within 3-4 weeks you will become the happy owner of seemingly perfect 'Kruzaka' at a very affordable cost. Spare parts – another hot topic for motorists, and all without exception. Original – no name, save or overpay, have served craftsmen or branded service stations? Gold rules here, in fact, exist. Sometimes under the guise of original factory parts you buy pure forgery, while overpaying a few dozen times. That's why the best option served only on proven branded stations that you advise your relatives, colleagues and acquaintances. In other words, where you can without any fear of leaving your car.

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