Edward Bach

It pulled only assumptions into consideration, how or in what way ‘a stakeholders’ responded. In the worst case, the Bach flower, the sufferer on the pressing not needed in the combined mixture is. Too many remedies in such a ready-made mixture could be granted, the person concerned not all needs. To deepen your understanding Charles II is the source. Finally is not asked when taking a combination of mixture for ‘why’, the individual feelings of each person. These mixtures are based on specific symptoms and we consider situations that stress for each other is perceived. The so-called ‘diet blends’, ‘Non-smoking mixtures’, ‘Test mixtures’ u.v.m do not work on the same principle.

This kind of prescription can cause damage to the reputation of the English physician Dr. Edward Bach. It quoted Edward Bach Centre in this context as follows: “the person “will not tell someone who sold me the wrong combination, but the Bach flowers are not.” or “If you don’t have to be saved every day, edit the root cause.” (Text related to emergency mixes) So there is neither the flower of ‘rage’ nor the ‘Insomnia’, let alone a mix for this. Involves work of Dr Edward Bach in the Bach flower therapy after the original our individual feelings. An individual Bach Flowers treatment vial, tailored to the personal feelings of the person, is reflected in a good consultation, together with the client, or found.

The person concerned should make so looking for the ‘why’ / ‘the cause’. This simple system is a ‘help for self-help’ and includes Bach’s philosophy: “Treat is the person, not the disease.” As (BFRP) Bach Foundation REGISTERED PRACTITIONER and recognized trainer the Bach Foundation, England it is very important to me to pass the original works of Edward Bach. So think for a Combination mix of the borders / honesty / enlightenment – the honest context – such mixtures, so that Dr Bach’s work is not damaged. Following questions are helpful and should be resolved in a good consultation always: what Bach flower is included in this mix? Fit these remedies on the individual feelings of the person concerned? The practitioner has this individual remedies which explains ‘Suffering’? Is the person concerned so agree? Work practitioner (‘value neutrality’) and client together ‘hand in hand’ without that the affected remedies are prescribed? The practitioner has his clients the limits of a Bach flower discusses handling? How does this healing system work? What are the remedies at all? Then you can also in good conscience recommend this combination / take and this healing system, we work together in the spirit of the discoverer.

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