Experience of low-cost airlines are treated to live by yourself (to) the best service from the moment in which you purchase your plane ticket until the moment that concludes your trip and you’re back at home. A very important part of the experience of low-cost airlines, is on board service. In each flight we strive to meet your expectations of quality and comfort, clear at the best prices. The audio service is one of the excellent services of the low cost airlines. On flights with a duration of more than 2 hours you can enjoy a great variety of channels of music for all tastes, in addition, low cost airlines provide you safe and clean headphones so you can enjoy your favorite music. Low cost airlines aircraft are equipped with the audio service and have 10 channels of music. What is your favorite? Instrumental, classical, audiovisions, decades in Spanish, decades in English, top ten in Spanish, top ten in English, great voices, children’s and regional. Take advantage of all the amenities that low cost airlines give you when traveling, as well as the lowest prices of the market to the most important and popular country destinations.

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