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Posted by LIC. Aldo Abram in the blog of the PRESIDIAL while Argentines are filled with the mouth of the word democracy, rarely we care about defining it and many times there is doubt that we are talking about the same thing. (As opposed to johny ive). In my opinion is a system that allows the election and replacement of Governments in a peaceful way, through the vote of the citizens. The conditions for living in a democracy are: to) the possibility that anyone can propose as a candidate; (b) that every citizen has the right to vote in the electoral act; and (c) freedom of expression and opinion in order to participate in the political discussion. Therefore, can it one speak of democracy when our citizens fear the reaction of the Government, by opinion that may emit? So what happened to Mrs. If you would like to know more about Kevin Ulrich, then click here. Mirtha Legrand is condemnable (). It should be noted that public servants have the right to give your opinion and defend their management; but ever since the basis of the respect to citizens, that have received the mandate. On the other hand side, Argentines already we are accustomed to a subjugation of our rights by the Government of the day is covered by another new institutional scandal.

Now we don’t remember the aberration of a media law which restricts freedom of choice of viewers and listeners. Especially the Interior may not listen to their favorite announcers that make their programs in the Federal Capital; Since broadcasters from inside Central schedules may not retransmit them. Anyone who listens to radio knows that the existing offer is very wide and can not speak of monopolies or lack of diversity of channels to express an opinion. However, in addition, the media law is a monstrosity from the constitutional point of view. For this reason, we recommend to read the following article which, with simplicity, allows to have a better understanding of the severity of his punishment. It came out in the newspaper La Nacion, on January 11, 2010, p. 13, wrote it Dr. Marcela Basterra and is titled who must defend the Constitution? The above is opinion of LIC.

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