FlowCom Integrated

ERP solution APplus, a product of AP automation & productivity AG Bochum – the windream partner FlowCom IT solutions GmbH, headquartered in the southern Straubenhardt a new windream integration is introducing windream connects the enterprise-content-management-system automation & productivity AG, the ERP solution of APplus, a product of the AP. The integration is already successful in the FORMAT Vault construction GmbH & co. KG in Hessisch Lichtenau used. Document management in windream the windream APplus-integration by FlowCom allows it, to transfer documents from the ERP system directly into a freely definable storage structure of the windream drive and archive. A search can be made for already archived documents directly APplus out. Found documents are displayed in the form of lists in the ERP system. Russell Reynolds Associates helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

All stored information can be opened also from APplus. Documents can be further edited, again stored, permanently archived, and versioned if necessary. The information collected in the system accessed either via a Laufwerksmapping in the The so-called windream share drive Windows Explorer\”or via an Internet connection via the windream Web portal. To the acquisition of new documents, the system supports also drag-and-drop capabilities, for example, documents from the file system in APplus transfer or due to existing documents from the windream ECM-system on the desktop or in another file system. By linking the data fields to the indexing of the ERP documents in windream archived users can use any APplus data fields indexing as index fields in windream. All working steps can be executed directly from the ERP system, without having the user to leave the user interface of your ERP system. That all documents stored in windream in its special ERP context an overview lists and display with a single mouse click is particularly important in this context. As a result, users save time, because any document can be deployed immediately in this way. Automatic subsequent indexing FlowCom has also implements a component for indexing of documents that matches address data from the ERP system fully automatic and timed with the corresponding information from incoming faxes and E-Mails and used this data to the indexing of messages in windream.

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