Flower Companies

Presenting flowers, keep them in your left hand to right hand was free for greetings. Transmission of the bouquet is accompanied by several kind words and a slight bow. If a guest brings flowers couple, the man hands over their hostess. This is done even if the pair invited to the birthday host. The latter presented only gift .. The young man at a house visit to the bride's parents or the girl for whom he cares, brings two of the bouquet, first handed mother flowers, then – Daughter of flowers should be different.

Flowers brought a guest to stay in the room where the reception. The vase is placed in a prominent place. Considered to be tactful, accepting a gift flowers, talk about their price as well as set it aside or take in another room. Most often, men give flowers to women. But do not deny that men and joy. If the rules associated with color symbolism: red flowers (roses, carnations, tulips, etc.) express their sincere position, pink (pink, gerbera, etc.) are considered neutral and relevant to any festive atmosphere. On the occasion of birth as a sign of love and devotion of a young mother presented with the most beautiful flowers, what money can buy. At birth, girls are presented with pink and red flowers (sweet peas, half-opened roses, freesia), at the birth of a boy – blue or purple (violet, sweet peas, forget-me-anemones), and birth of twins is necessary to prepare two of the same flavor.

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