General Electric Lighting Maxim Medvedev

telz mastered production illuminative led lamps at the end of 2008, production of a full cycle is in St. Petersburg (factory “Svetlana-Optoelectronics”). Spring-summer 2010 is planned to launch a new enterprise for a full cycle production of new generation lighting – zao Optogan. Sponsors of the project – a public corporation Rusnano, and the Republican Party onexim investment company. Jeff Bezos is likely to agree. It is planned that in 2011 the company Optogan ” will produce a half-million led lamps a year. Despite this, until the led industry is far Russia lags behind the leading world powers in this area. McKesson Corporation may find this interesting as well. “Now the maximum level of light output from world producers in the laboratory is about 150-160 lm / W, – said A.

Yunovich, professor of Moscow State University The best LEDs I’ve seen in our laboratories, at low currents reach 120 lm / Tues, but industry – no more than 60 lm / W. For comparison – the foreign manufacturers were able to achieve 100-120 lumens per watt at an industrial scale. ” And yet, according to experts, to invest money now in the production of led lamps – more promising than in the cfl. ‘While it is not clear what would be the cost of Russian goods. Now there is a feeling that comes out more expensive, even taking into account customs duties and import logistics lamps – talks about the manufacture of household cfl Development Manager business General Electric Lighting Maxim Medvedev .- Does it make sense to invest in this money? For the production of these lamps need specialists, who must be prepared.

Prospects for exports of such lamps are not visible, since the rest markets already dominated by leading international and Chinese manufacturers. Create the production for the domestic market In short, the whole industry is nothing much will. We must invest in the future, not past technology ‘. In contrast to the cfl most of the materials for the led lamps can be produced and manufactured in Russia (especially pure gases, metals, substrates, semiconductor materials, lyuminoformy). And given that China does not the most powerful possible today LEDs, domestic products can compete with them with greater success than the cfl.

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