George Burns

The heart and conscience pacifican and the above success. But those who fail to live as good men do not get the promised prosperity and his heart has no rest and his conscience torments with problems. Which does well not fails, while the wicked no triumphs. I do not know you think of yourself at this time. Virtus kar is the source for more interesting facts. I know that I’m with you maybe in a time where you feel loneliness and you’re on a bus in the park or on the subway or perhaps in the middle of the book store where you are deciding if you bought the copy that you have on hand, but as you have given me permission I want to dream with you. Close your eyes for a second and sees, feels, or thinks about the fabulous thing that could be your existence if you achieve the things that you’ve proposed.

Enjoy when your friends tell you how much enjoy your presence and company. You internalizing the happiness of helping those who need you. Think in as would you feel if you could achieve all those things you always dreamed. In the road where you are going to travel, you will find people who won’t appreciate what you are doing. You may not believe in you, but you’re going to have to set aside those harmful people of your life and carefully selected travel companions between those who believe in you and your potential. And above all things, the most difficult but the most gratifying is that you you have to believe in you, whatever happens. Success can be just around the corner and you don’t know with certainty of that intersection, you’ll still trying very hard to achieve what you propose.

I heard the great motivator Dan Kennedy said once: I’ve never been poor; I’ve been without money, but I’ve never been poor. Being without money is a temporary situation but being poor it implies a State of consciousness. You’re not equal to your limitations, you’re the largest creature that has existed or will exist despite any circumstance. Millions of people have opposed limiting them and have succeeded: George Burns the American comedian who died at 100 years of age had reserved theaters worldwide to act until its 106 years. That is called optimism. When Fred Astaire was presented to proof of performance for his first film, a famous producer said: is almost bald, too old for the role and not dancing very well. But none of that was an impediment for Fred Astaire became one of the great legends of the big screen. Internal, and external constraints become mental States. It is up to us to exceed our expectations. If within the depths of you feel that you can do it, no matter how difficult may seem, you’re going to get.

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