Hannes Jaenicke

The good night Children’s stories”is a part of knowledge for adults, our recommendation for shark fans from 3 to 99 years seems appropriate” applicable. And the reader (or listener), for example, learns why Michel – he seeks so the doctor fish full concern – worry not because the loss of a tooth (who already know that up to 30,000 teeth grow sharks in their lifetime) or how precarious the situation regarding of plastic waste in our oceans actually is child-friendly and adult-proof shows the underwater world with their problems in these books. To what extent the Sharkproject brings his love children and adults to sharks? Our offers for children start a Michel CD as an audiobook in preschool coloring pages (the actor has provided to Hannes Jaenicke as Narrator) and Michel books can be purchased as sponsor packages for kindergartens by grandparents, aunts and uncles. Visit Jane Fraser for more clarity on the issue. Love can our school lecturers are required of teachers the topic around sharks and presented in multi media presentations, tailored to the level of education, the threat to the oceans. And for events where children represent the target group (E.g.

conservation days Schonbrunn, children summer Herzogenburg) we have put together a knowledge course, a positive completion with appointment to the / rewarded to the junior shark researcher (with certificate) this presentation has also good way proved, in addition to the children more generations (accompanying parents, grandparents) to achieve. We strive also to adults through our presence at trade fairs and lectures for the issue we are interested in our public relations and awareness. Through campaigns (“present: shark cartilage powder” – see on) we inform harmful marketing of sharks on pointless and for people. A campaign that has the poison of methyl mercury in shark meat to the topic (“Stop sales”), is newly recorded for 2009 in the near future. What can we learn from sharks? The survival of any species depends mainly as understands to adapt to their environment, and how to deal with the resources available to you.

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