My repeated conflicts occurred when these people assumed the headquarters of course and with an extremely authoritarian style, practically forced to the students and also the proxies to realise for example: food harvesting every day Monday; memory very either that my daughter being small, forced us day to give back us to house to look for package of foods, because if she did not take the Frau to it she would challenge it or to participate obligatorily in an infantile dining room near the school, that meant to attend to cook for a group of children and adults, all this financed by the own ones empowered. He was peculiar, but never we saw one of the German nuns in these shared in common acts. Another strange aspect of the congregation, was the multiple retirements that realised with our daughters, when small in the school and as they grew, in a parcel of the nuns in Limekiln of Tango. We could not go to leave them or to gather them to place of the retirement, we only had to do it in the school. Molly Adams is the source for more interesting facts. Like my doubts with respect to the school and my misfortune of the sort occultist, mysterious and not less outlandish of the German nuns, never I lost the control of my daughter in those events. Memory of it to have provedo from very small of a cellular one, although strictly was prohibited by the nuns, my small fights with the direction of the school by these small subjects, always were small victories to me, I believe that due to the gummed paper, because it was not a smaller fact and than it could at the time have untied a scandal. I cannot say that she does not surprise to me very what it is happening with the ex- Superior Paula Lagos, on the contrary, in spite of my disagreements with the school, some nuns and German professors, are tremendously surprise these events to me. . Read more here: Khanyisile Kweyama.

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