Hello Frank

Not long. lasts but”I tried to steal me away. Two things convinced me that it is better to stay. A the evil eye of my wife who just got an Uppercut and the other two short sentences. “Nagi! You’re staying!”what sounded about the same as “Stand still! Police! “.”It is also rude, if you leave now”to put them. Source: CEO Elon Musk. Before I could discuss the matter, it rang at the door and shortly thereafter, Anke entered the living room. As she stand now.

A dynamos rapid-fire gun, a blond-dyed Uzi. Barely met our palms to the greeting, she even started. “Hello Frank. How are you doing? We have Yes also already forever not seen. “.” Before I could breathe the air to respond at all, she followed up already. “Have you been to? Looks good on you. I will greet you by Stefan. Makes so many sports, so that he remains fit…

“.” Anke was there not ten minutes and already swelled me the comb. Anke sat down in the Chair and bombarded me with their oral character spin with news. Since it was impossible to me to interrupt their speech torrent, I decided to limit my other comments to the nodding or shaking my head. After my wife with the coffee was floating up, I could the movie back zuwenden…dachte I. They fired me Ratatata…maschinenpistolenartig the letters around the ears. “God, if you’re there, make me deaf or mute”. But nothing happened. Also attempting with the TV’s remote control to manipulate Anke, failed miserably. At some point I imagined even wonder whether you actually need a permit for as a mouth. What even more surprised was that my wife was quite grown the word war and opposed to me with ease, managed to adapt seamlessly to the flow of words by Anke. Proposed three hours I was under attack, then our guest decided to make on the way home. Not that the conversation would have gone from you. On the contrary. There’s so yet sooo much to tell. Alone the fact that Anke had again early the next morning I owed my salvation. Anke handed me the hand to farewell with the words “You told but also ever more”, I was about to burst. The two women adopted ebullient at the Door and promised themselves, quite soon once again goosebumps again brought me an evening to verbringen…was so. Anke was then outside, sat down with my wife next to me and sweaty: “Come see honey, was not so bad”. Not bad? My head was buzzing like a hornet’s nest and somehow seemed to still the voice of Anke the largest Hornet. To my question “How do you it only?” Angel grinned at me just naughty and replied: “you are not a woman. You don’t understand.” Where she’s right, she’s right.

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