High Voltage

Hello, Dear Reader, Recently watched the film online in one of the online movie theaters. If you honestly did not think that the second part will be successful. Speaking candidly Jane Fraser told us the story. Since I thought it was even cooler the first part, they will be able to come up with nothing, but I wrong. Crank 2 charges in the truest sense of the word, charging his drive, after the movie just want to get up from his chair and run aimlessly. The plot, of course simple, a lot of unrealistic moments in the film, especially the they are easily pulled out the heart and even easier to put more.

But this film does not spoil for those moments at first did not even pay attention. Drive starts from the first minutes of the film and ends only when you start the final credits. Crank 2 I think, set a new benchmark in its genre. This next-generation fighter. More interesting than this film, because it combines the seemingly incongruous, namely, violence in film and comedy moments, and it did not look stupid, but as something natural. Thanks to the comedic moments of the film was not boring, if they were not, then the film would be drab and uninteresting.

Jason Statham, as usual did not disappoint. In general, an actor new star fighters, all its characters are interesting and have some charisma. For example, the adrenaline I liked how Chive Chelius fights for his life and not lose heart, the average person would have long given up and was looking for a place in the cemetery, but Chive not Chelius. I watched this movie online. In the theater did not go, but all the same movie I was pleased, even merry moments, did not disappoint. I can recommend it to all fans of the genre thriller. The second part Adrenaline has turned even steeper than the first! Interesting is the ending of the second part. Could be continuation of the story??

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