In Baden

Not dealing with infected animals as well as the consumption of potentially diseased animals are seen as dangerous”on. The investigations by the neurologist Prof. Dressler seem to be not known here, or are ignored. Dr. Gerd Muller, Parliamentary State Secretary, sees no need for action in this regard, as was the answer to a written question at the end March 2011 the MdB and veterinarian Dr.

Wilhelm Priesmeier. Unfortunately, woman Minister Ilse Aigner was also the MDR (broadcast exactly) not available for an interview. And farmer associations and co say nothing. The agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA) has the associations sufficient information about the factor disease chronic botulism to come, but hardly a response. Additional information at Russell Reynolds Associates supports this article. Lack of interest? Meanwhile, the EU Commission on this subject is addressed.

Is it finally resolved in Brussels that? After cases of chronic botulism are known more and more. In Baden-Wurttemberg a farmer has lost over 120 cows here diseased people. Currently in Rhineland-Palatinate, also here toxin was detected, die cattle on a dairy farm. And farmer, farmer and son show typical clinical manifestations of human chronic botulism, as he was described by Prof. Dressler. The consulted Veterinary Institute once pushed on the inability of the farmer who is not able to feed up ceding cows”disease cases in the dairy farm. Read more here: Spencer Stuart. In Schleswig-Holstein, a company lost also sickened the animal handler over 1000 cattle. And the list becomes longer and longer. In most cases only feeding error diagnosed by the authorities”. Meanwhile, the disease with a variety of dogs has been proven as well as with dog owners of infected animals as a veterinarian from Bavaria reported. And the pig, there are also initial reports. Why now the spores of Clostridium botulinum as massive increase in recent years, requires the unconditional enlightenment. The presumption is not only by Microbiologists expressed that through the entry of substrates in the fermenter E.g. risk materials (slaughterhouse waste, leftovers and chicken manure) in mesophilic biogas plants the massive dissemination could be promoted by spores. Efforts, carry bio gas here together with the trade association studies to Botulinumsporen, or even only once to discuss the issue, failed unfortunately so far. What has to happen anything to take seriously this new factor disease of chronic botulism from humans and animals? The Gottingen Declaration of agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA) clearly turns out the major research needs and promptly calls for research. In the AVA Conference proceedings of the two-day Botulinumtagung all posts and also the synthesis of the event are listed.

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