Internet Agent

How your business does not become a horror trip. Business trips can at the present time quite easily to the horror trip”. Traffic jams, flight delays and no longer available hotels and rental cars often play a big gamble with the nerves of travelers. “The passengers are often own and your emergency” left alone, because they have no reliable contact person to whom they can turn. That was yesterday. The Travel Concierge agent CS is aimed at people who are on the road a lot and need “just” a quick info, wish to make a reservation or but need a small tip. About this offer not to carry out extensive searches to a destination, but that’s why, at the moment the page are the customers, in which he needed help.

Agent CS is an innovative service agency that presents the traveller through existing networks in the various fields of the optimum solution for you. If you wish at any time * and from any location. CS stands for convenience service or Concierge service. The team takes on everyday and extraordinary things. Very quickly! In a 12-month contract, the customer from Monday until Friday with a special phone number can each take from 8 h to 20 h “reliable help”. Whether hotel, car rental or flight reservation, whether the small tip to the trendy restaurant in the city.

The agent CS-team helps. Investment: EUR 99 gross. * Upgrade to 24/7-service pricing possible. Agent CS creates open spaces, so you can focus on your important tasks. The 2004 by Maik Weiss and Jens Schlangenotto in Frankfurt-based agency is composed of modern and mobile “special agent”. They take care of your order in the areas of personnel services, travel, hobbies, family, healthcare & wellness, fashion & lifestyle, and event management. No matter what form, at any time, around the clock.

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