Kane Citizen

In such a way, the process of valuation of a film on the part of the director and the critic is different. Details can be found by clicking Munear Ashton Kouzbari or emailing the administrator. The director, for the most diverse conditions, can detestar a film individually its whereas he appreciates it to the critic, exactly pointing its imperfections, in the context of the set of its workmanship. Podemo to catch an example pointed for Bernardet: of Dreyer. The critics establish a relation between its two films Two beings and Gertrud. Not accepted Dreyer of form some: it disdains Two beings. This because the producers had imposed it diverse factors (as choice of different actors of what it wanted) that they had ruined its pretensions in relation to the film. From there its disdain. ' ' It is a film completely frustrated? , it affirms.

But the critics are not interested themselves in such a way for the materiality of the film how much for what they can to deduce in terms of the elaboration of matriz' '. (Bernardet 1994:41) to conclude, the following phrase of Franois Truffaut summarizes the necessity of one politics of the authors well: ' ' Woollen Ncessit politique DES auteurs: Andres Bazin aime beaucoup Citizen Kane, les Amberson, un peu Dame de Shanghai There et Othello, gure woollen Voyage au pays peur et Macbeth, shovels du tout Le criminel. Sadoul aime assez Kane et les Amberson more shovels du tout woollen Voyage au pays peur et Macbeth. Qui to raison? Malgr le respect that je has carried to the Cocteau, Bazin et Sadoul, je to creak prfre me to l' avis d' Astruc, Rivette et tutti quanti qui aiment sans distinction tous les films of Welles pour ce qu' ILS sont; DES films of Welles' '. This wants to say, being about Orson Welles: Andres Bazin likes Kane Citizen very and he does not like Day of Pavor very and Macbeth whereas Sadoul likes Kane Citizen reasonable but does not like nor a little Day of Terror and Macbeth.

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