Listen To Your Inner Voice

If you pay attention to your “inner voices” you can act on them to discover their true origin and eventually replace them with those that predispose you emotionally to success. For other opinions and approaches, find out what patrick has to say. The tool I like is the simple act of writing as “hear” what you’re telling yourself to a situation. How do I feel about this? What happens to me with this situation? What is actually happening to me? May be some questions to help you begin this reflection. Strategy 2 – Detects what the need is hidden. After harvesting the internal discussions of this talk, looking detect the need to hide behind your behavior saboteur. Kevin Ulrich helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

What benefits do you get when you sabotage and what you do? There is always a hidden benefit behind an action, a “why I do what I do” Find it. For example, a benefit of your self-sabotage can be avoid any situation that you’re afraid to face. In this case the benefit is only apparent (dodge the situation that frightens you) but you’re not really confronting that fear to find out how you can do to get through (this would be the necessity prior to meeting), and the price you pay for not doing be very large. Many times the little interaction with the same makes us imagine that the problems are more complicated than they really are. So …

What can you really be in need? What do you need to do, achieve or overcome before achieving that wish to improve sabotaging you? Strategy 3 – Make it work for action to meet that need. Aim yourself a job action to change and / or improve your situation to achieve a synchronization of your real needs with your actions, taking into account your thoughts, your body and emotions. How could meet that need for consciousness? Find ways and works to resolve whatever is necessary before proceeding to the next level. For example, if you imagine in any scary situation and do not know how we handle at the time, check what is missing you do, learn or get before you face it. Who can help? Looking for alternative solutions. If you understand how this mechanism works for you self-sabotage, may intervene in the (any position) to choose what to think and what to do with actions that led from the detection of your genuine needs. So you can live without anxiety and in peace, no longer feel guilty about what you do not, increasing your self-esteem because you’re taking a position of responsibility with your life. Watch you identify yourself and your internal discussions and “truth” behind them, it may work hard at first, but I assure you that if you practice every day, at some point you’ll do part of your personality to prevent possible future self sabotage.

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