Literary Commentary

THE appearances of the Virgin of LUCUMA the vacuum packed everything, the vigil feeds on that lodoy are lost in dreams the joy.CL LA PROVOCATION of the word in the appearances of the Virgin of LUCUMA, Cristian Lagos takes us back to Arthur Rimbaud, who wrote: I encanallo everything I can because I want to be a poet (1). Scoundrel, for Rimbaud, means not due to society, at the expense of integrating with a write subjective, tasteless; means arriving at the unknown altering all the senses. It means sit alone, delving into the individual path. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Apple Hearing Study. Scoundrel is: the opposite of the abjection of the ignominy: be noble, worthy as an essential condition for being poet.The word in this book is not celebratory, and is that the author is not a remuneration poet; nor is a poet who blasphemes. His writing us installed before an aesthetics of provocation: a poetic language that moves away from the purism of provisions, of the conservative look of the traditional parameters of poetic creation. Perhaps by this reason is a book that attracts and worries from the title, which is not a vulgar title.

The texts do not contain verses free, common, do not stand on a platform of common locations. We are in the presence of a creative poet, multi-faceted, possessing a different voice that is noted, claims its place and does it with dignity. Cristian isn’t a remuneration poet but cainico (2), and as such refuses, to be a Jeremiah’s Bazaar, market, a clumsy Orfeo or a depreciated Cain and offer. He considered everything, a great laugh inside. Hence his mood and the use of the signs as a scalpel. Perhaps that is why comes this phrase of Henri Barbusse (3): ‘No more hell than the fury of living’. Life is a hell but what paradox is at once cause for laughter, mockery, the being is contradictory, ambiguous, distrustful and unworthy of faith.

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