Logo Design

The most common type of uncomplicated starts logo print. When creating a logo, people turned to symbols of nations, a part of nature, have an ancient history. Since the early nineteenth century, a trademark called small printed bars. To speed up the entry consisting of 2-3 letters. Subsequently became known as the address, commercial logos, cast in the form of a single form in one piece. Changing the logo of Nestle mean in German 'nest' logo was created in 1868 by Henri Nestle type family crest. In the illustration, you see a change in its modification. Over the years, the image becomes simpler, chicks became two, two child family is the most common fact is added to the text, there is a transition from an elongated to a trademark kvardatu that is more convenient in its everyday use.

Change the company logo PUMA Brothers Adolph and Rudolf Dassler, the creators of company Adidas, in 1924 began manufacturing athletic shoes. Because of the conflict in 1948 Rudolph founded his own company and called it her "Puma Schuhfabrik Rudolf Dassler ', abandoning the name' Ore '- the initial letters name. In 1967, the Puma logo depicted a German cartoonist Lutz Backes. Now Puma-third company in sewing athletic shoes after Adidas and Nike. Take another look – a great logo! Puma jump is a lot of energy, symbolizes strength, victory, and beauty.

Spectacularity corporate identity is obvious. He wins at masshtabitrovanii, the color is attractive on any background that is extremely important in the manufacture of clothing and shoes. Changes Logo Nike's company was established in the U.S. state of Oregon. In 1962, Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight, Jeff Johnson, playing sports, athletic shoes were delivered the Japanese manufacturing Onitsuka Tiger, from minor parties. Already in 1972, was launched own production of sports shoes and apparel. In 1971, the company was renamed in honor of the Greek goddess of victory Nike – Nike. The symbol of corporate identity – its wings. The company now known everywhere so that trademark has been changed again, and without a text label. Its developer – a 28-year-old Carolyn Davidson, studying graphics at the University of Portland. Created sketches not quite like Philip Knight, but the situation demanded immediate choice and he made it. Then, create a logo for $ 35, Carolyn received. Only in 1984, Nike, appreciated the contribution of the developer's logo and handed her the certificate, the company's shares and the rich inlaying diamond jewelry. Changing the company logo DC Comics DC Comics – Department of Warner Brothers, whose line of action – the fun and American comics. The figure shows the dynamics of changes in the trademark in the period from 1941 and until 2005. Change the company logo FIAT FIAT (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino – Italian Car Factory of Turin), founded in 1899. The original trademark is very difficult, because the painter was developed on the basis of the holiday poster. With time mark is simplified, it becomes rounder, changes color, add laurel garlands. In 1968, the logo is changing fundamentally, but in 2006 the company decides to go back to the original version, slightly changing the initial design of its parts.

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