Market Entry

Search for cooperation partners in Germany presentation by 3 Hungarian entrepreneurs seeking a partner in Germany. ExpA supports German and Hungarian small and medium-sized companies, who plan a market entry in Hungary or in Germany and looking for contacts to the Hungarian or the German market. I would like to introduce 3 Hungarian entrepreneurs are looking for business partners in Germany: 1 the Hungarian Egyedi EGY company engaged in the production of high-quality promotional items made out of Tin, which are individually designed by created. The company offers following range of products: medals, coins, emblems, coat of arms, plates, commemorative plaque, souvenir plaques made of Tin with individual graphics. Business cards decorated with pewter emblems and more Tin medals on glass, looking for companies contacts for clubs, associations, religious organizations, foundations, municipalities and companies interested in using quality and individually designed promotional items from Tin.

2. the Hungarian company ADU 2000 GmbH deals with the creation of personalized promotional items since 1990. The company offers following range of products: custom guestbooks, hunting books, wedding books with a wooden cover and engraved, personalized wine boxes, gift boxes made of wood or metal with personal engraving, glass plaques, jewelry boxes with engraving, imprint of woodcuts (with religious motives), more customized promotional products and gifts to conferences and trade fairs, Christmas, weddings and other events. The company is looking for distribution partners in Germany and looking for contacts to the companies seeking hotels, Castle hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs, the high-quality promotional products. 3. the MAK-text mark company deals with the recycling of textiles for more than 10 years: old clothes collection (recycling and sale of old clothes) manufacture and sale of industrial cleaning cloths/wipes (100% cotton) are the towels and rags from sorted old clothes (100% cotton) produced, cut and packed. The industrial cleaning rags are deposed in Hungary and in Western Europe. The company is looking for cooperation partners: distributors, sales partners, dealing with the distribution of operating textiles.

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