Marketing Art

Do we ensure that we are spending the right amount in Marketing? Companies have invested millions of dollars in finding a precise strategy to determine how much each campaign is generating, and today we can find measurements point of sale, in displacement, and profit margin; but it is true that it has not and is a reliable measure in market penetration, brand equity and customer satisfaction. The majority of Marketing Executives have opted to throw coins into the air and expect that some fall into the pocket of the Contracting Parties. Fortunately that mentality is changing; Today we find professionals in this area that have been given to the task of ensuring efficiency in as companies stop spending and start to invest. Those involved have been able to perceive the evolution of the analysis of the ROI (Return of Investment) and thus to guarantee to managers that marketing can be measured in all its dimensions. The question of where we have to start is simple Marketing is art or science? During the do 90? s were created campaigns that have changed the perception in media, generated the jump to the WEB and the trend today is mobility. But the challenge is to stop thinking about the great prizes to creativity and flip a little more to the theory; i.e. the ROI analysis bases are in the mathematical model and statistical prediction that market fundamentals can give very close to reality quantifications. How can we start an ROI analysis? The first step is to change the way of proposing projects to our clients; the first question that needs to be done is how much you can spend on a campaign? Once obtained a figure; It is our responsibility to provide answers to specific questions are: * customers will buy today or tomorrow? * Your product availability is sufficient for 1, 2 or 6 months? * How will the competition to the campaign respond? Once with is information will have the foundations to start planning our campaign numbers; i.e.

we will begin the the data collection historical, statistical, consumers and competition. We will fix an equilibrium point with a simple mathematical model and finally involucraremos creatives with a custom control. The profitability of establishing processes supported by an ROI analysis is very large and you profit margins can be much greater than traditional campaigns, Furthermore recalls that the client who hires a successful campaign, without hesitation will form part of your portfolio for a long time.

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