Mayor Art

The highly original and peculiar Intifada poetic cazurro flavor not not only managed to sensitize the Mayor about his lack of speech and commitment to democracy but that it reacted by the brave and clearly disproportionately. He responded with an unprecedented police action, expelling plenum poets, mobbed and abused. Federico Mayor Zaragoza, former Unesco director, chiquis is, through a document of unconditional support, with the peaceful and beautiful form of protest of the poets of Leon. It has subsequently implemented a municipal policy of repression, a curfew against art in the city. Many poets have been affected, in addition, after having lodged the City Council a complaint by administrative authority, which is threatened with exorbitant fines that will seize the accounts of creative and altruistic people who just have to survive, some with family expenses. It is prohibited to affix signs to announce events, express discontent in plenary sessions, what has been done until then the years of democracy.

There is that recognize the courage of human beings as wrestlers, good and proper like never before. More clear I cannot say it. Else, what the local rulers of Leon, are doing is cowardly and ruin. We wanted to use poetry as a means of raising awareness of politicians. And his answer is roller and mindless revenge. I am not exaggerating. There are the newspaper libraries.

Hopefully Leon to reach this important distinction, but that is a literary city thanks to its people, its writers; not as a maneuver of their rulers to hide their reprehensible actions in relation to art and poetry. This candidacy hides, buries and blocking many stories that do not speak, such as lack of local cultural groups that have been disappearing, even a children’s theater school that did a great job. Subsidize workshops of literature in exchange for political support, or facilitate the representation of plays of people from the City Council and not other authors that is proscribed and cornering. Shortness of breath to new authors is complete. Laudable desire to municipal pretend belonging to the network of literary cities not only must sustain in the great geniuses of the Leonese letters, but in the journal evolution and respect for persons of all ages who set up a ‘poetic quarry, trying each day to be great and make the art of writing a means of knowledge and transformation of the social reality that surrounds them. They should think about the Leon councilmen that culture is also made in the plenary sessions, Cook among noble people and is shaping a city’s peculiar idiosyncrasy. Therefore, it wouldn’t be more, even knowing how difficult that is for the native pronounce forgiveness, remove administrative complaints and apologize. End, in short, that contempt in this sad year of economic crisis and human values. Juan Carlos YAGO original author and source of the article.

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